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  • What is going on with the earths eco-systems and food supply ???
    For a while now I have been reading about massive wildlife die-offs, but have brushed aside any worries UNTIL, I saw the depth of the problem in this format! Are we heading for something big?

  • Like Lightening Flashes from the East to the West

    There are roughly 20,000 nuclear weapons on this earth. What happens when one is dropped on your city?

  • Quantum Computing Explained?
    Our modern computers operate on binary logic, that's the state of a bit being either a 1 or a 0, on or off. Quantum computing is based upon a qubit being in many states at the same time. Are they attmepting to build a God computer?

  • Making Rochelle Salts
    If you can not find it - Make it!

  • Thoughts on the idea of a Solid Universe
    What is the make up of the universe? Here's my theory and I'm not the first and it is why I believe God knows about everything, everywhere, anytime!

  • 2 & 1 penny salt cells exhibiting interesting phenomenon!
    Simple idea for making small homemade self charging batteries

  • 2 penny rechargable batteries!
    Simple idea for making small homemade rechargable cell from pennies

  • Self-Charging & Sound Charged Crystal Cell Battery - Version-1
    Simple Crystal Cell using Magnesium and Copper Foil Tape which self-charges and charges by sound!

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