As a skilled Creative Information Technologist

I offer flexible independent contract services for private enterprises and private people.

My computer services can range anywhere from small projects to however large a solution needs to be. I specifically focus on projects that utilize open-source applications implemented upon the free Unix-Like Operating System and Kernel - GNU/Linux.

For more personal needs, I help my clients manage their private computing problems whether that may be assisting with retrieving lost data or even helping set up a personal website or any type of home computing server. Whatever the digital need, my personal computing services can assist you.

I am committed to personal and professional integrity, honesty, and open communications with my clients. I believe in sound, solid principles that are based on common sense and seek long-term relationships with other individuals and companies that have similar professional goals and expectations in relation to, service, product and value. I want to provide you with the solutions that enable you to surpass you and your customers' expectations.

What can Sastri do for you?

As a skilled CIT, I will ply my talents to reach your goals and foster a cohesive professional relationship.

Let's ascertain if I may be able to apply my passion to your vision or puzzle.

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